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black and white landscape photography by julian cerruti
color photography by julian cerruti
black and white photography by julian cerruti


            Appearing mostly as landscapes, these works are primarily about the space in-between and the humans that populate or affect it.  The relationship and interconnection of things; material or invisible, conscious and unconscious.  I love mystery around the corner and the special that is all around.  Underlying things that are perhaps invisible but there nonetheless...I would say I am interested in photographing the world and repainting it to my version of reality...


   The Agora was the place where ancient Greek democracy was born; it was also the central place where people assembled to discuss different aspects of their society such as civic life, the nature of the universe and divine matters. Agora has been an ongoing series for many years.  It started as a meditation or interaction with the space around, finding  perspective on our place.  A moment of timelessness away from chaos, offering clarity, space and simplicity. Observing and perceiving, aware of being a small element, part of a much larger ensemble... 

Hills Have Eyes focuses on the interconnection of things by drawing human inspired personalities and characters from the landscapes.  A window that merges nature with human personification and forms a hybrid between landscape and portrait. Intangible and invisible become apparent by changing perspective.  The characteristics reveal themselves spontaneously and push the perception of the landscape into something else.


For The Hidden Landscapes of Memory Networks, I look at traces of landscapes from my memory or subconscious.  A combination of  landscapes reinterpreted through memory or re-visited dreams; leaving me  with visuals and impressions to materialize.  It is an interest in the interconnection between the conscious and subconscious.  Our subconscious is reflected through our dreams as we process memories and events.  Reality is aleatory, dreams and memories foggy, disconnected. Only partially defined with a few palatable, crisp moments...  We never remember things as they really were but somewhat  


julian cerruti photography art The Righteous Devil

distorted as they are colored by unconscious thoughts.  

Never having had a black and white memory or dream, color was better suited for this series. These landscapes are created entirely with fabrics, as their textures and movements provide the appropriate visual style of the subconscious. The different grains combine with light and shadow, to be finally printed on textured mediums that will produce 

photographs with painterly qualities.