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Self-Portrait photograph julian cerruti 2016

Self-Portrait 2016

Born in 1973 and currently based in Milan, Italy.


Growing up and working in fashion and textiles, was the foundation of my creative life, shaping my sense of aesthetics and quality. In my work, photography, painting and cinema were ever-present sources of inspiration.  Interests in music and psychology have also played an important part in defining my creative work and my photography is the result of these influences.  

Alongside fashion, I worked for several years as an assistant for photographer Paolo Roversi.  That period taught me large-format photography by an artist whose approach and technique always reminded me more of a painter's.  Light and shadow became brush strokes and the picture a canvas.  

I am particularly interested in the glamorization of normality.  I try to nuance reality to my perception and repaint it to that aesthetic.  always try to maintain a certain rawness to things in order to  preserve the authentic. Elements are controlled only to a certain point, leaving way for an unexpected accident that will make everything click together. 

I am interested by the mundane as well as the exceptional and invisible.  Materialization of a thought, a wish, a feeling or a story. Subtle little details in things that are all around us and full of mystery. It might be an aesthetic, a contrast, an irony, an intrigue  or even a coincidence.  A  visual of a moment where a small unobvious connection is made.

Relating to my work in fashion, texture and materials remain essential.  From subject to final print, this is emphasized and conveys the importance of touch. The richness found in a painting relates to its texture and it is a quality I try to emphasize.  When connecting sight with touch, images become more tangible with characteristics closer to that of an object.

 am usually working on diverse projects simultaneously that range from landscapes to more abstract works and portraits.